The Digby and Area Health Services Charitable Foundation is a registered charitable organization that is governed by an independent Board of Directors. It has been formed as a trust to manage funds for the purpose of maintaining present and future health services within the Digby area.


Photo: Theresa Joyce, owner of the Digby Tim Horton's, presents new DAHSCF Board Member, Jeremy Sanford, with the 2020 Tim Horton's Smile Campaign cheque of $7,125.00

November 2020 - THANK YOU, Theresa and Chris Joyce, owners of the Digby Tim Horton's, for their generous donation of $7,125.00 to the DAHSCF this past week from funds raised during the 2020 Tim Horton's "Smile Cookie" Campaign. The Joyce's and Tim Horton's continue to be gracious supporters of the Foundation - Over the past 4 years, the Tim Horton's Smile Campaign has raised over $24,000 in support of health services in the Digby community. Thank you from all of us at the DAHSCF and for all you do for Digby!

You can make a difference in your community's health services.

Donations made to the DAHSCF go directly back in to our community. Here is a list of recent donations the Foundation has made on behalf of its donors:

  • $10,000 - Fundy YMCA (2021)

  • $26,663 - DGH Electrocardiograph Unit (2021)

  • $4,640 - DGH Pharmacy Grade Refrigerator (2021)

  • $48,757 - DGH Portable Ultrasound Machine (2019)

  • $16,000 - RCMP Senior's Safety Society (2019)

  • $5,000 - DARC "Active Digby" (2019)

  • $500 - SchoolsPlus Program (2018)

  • $10,000 - Fundy YMCA (2018)

  • $7,500 - Transport de Clare (2018)

  • $16,000 - RCMP Senior's Safety Society (2018)

  • $5,000 - Transport de Clare (2017)


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